Parasol Elite Power

Parasol Elite Power Megawatt BESS

  • Parasol Elite Power MW systems are made from the same high-quality modules as all our systems and are configured to create 2.9MW 20 ft containers or 4.3MW 40ft containers. Megawatt systems are much more complex than our standard systems, they require cooling technology, fire safety equipment, battery management, power control management and inverters, all designed to work together to maximize performance.
  • PEP MW systems will be assembled, tested, shipped, from our state-of-the-art assembly factory in Merced California.
  • MW systems can be used as energy savings and backup for city water plants, EV charging stations, commercial properties, they are a great addition to those locations that use solar, charge during the day, use at night, stay off the grid and create your own micro-grid.
  • We include professional installation, permits, foundation, electrical, rebates; one company from start to finish.