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Parasol Elite Power EV Charging Stations

260-480KW DC-FC Charging Station

DC-FC (Direct Current Fast Charging) EV chargers, also known as DC fast chargers, are charging stations that provide a high-power electrical current to an electric vehicle (EV) to charge the vehicle’s battery in a relatively short amount of time. They typically use direct current (DC) power, rather than alternating current (AC) power, to charge the vehicle’s battery.

The basic components of a DC-FC EV Charger are:

This component converts AC power from the grid into DC power. It typically uses an inverter to convert the AC power to DC power, and a rectifier to smooth out any fluctuations in the DC power. 

This component manages the charging process and communicates with the vehicle’s on-board charger (OBC) to control the charging power, voltage, and current.

This component connects the charger to the vehicle’s charging port. It typically uses a standardized connector, such as the CCS (Combined Charging System) or CHAdeMO connector, to ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

Why choose PEP EV Charging Stations?

Our EV Charging Stations are designed and built for small to large commercial use. Our DC-FC Charging Station uses the latest technology combined with Parasol Elite Power’s proprietary FC+ technology increasing efficiency by 10% above all other chargers. We can provide on/off grid and hybrid solutions, stay off-grid with our PEP MW System powered by PEP Solar.

EV Chargers are supported by our certified Micro-grid and Virtual Power Plant, Seamless Integration, Energy Management, Payment management, Optimize Storage and Usage.

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